Below is a quick overview of customs and shipment requirements around the world that may cause delays to the delivery of your international mail.

Mozambique - 9th December 2013

Customs Classification of CDs

Mozambique Customs no longer allow classification of CD's as documents and require formal customs clearance formalities to be completed.  Due to this change, an original commercial invoice must accompany all consignments of CD's.

Guatemala - 9th December 2013

Customs Requirement

All shipments into Guatemala MUST be accompanied with the original commercial invoice; no copies of any kind will be accepted. Shipments without an original commercial invoice may incur penalties up to USD $250.00.

Please ensure that the original commercial Invoice is attached to the Air Way Bill (consignment note) for all shipments.

Canada - 9th December 2013

Prior Shipping Requirements for Goods Containing Soil, Plants or Seeds

All shipments containing soil, plants or seeds require approval from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) authorizing the goods to be imported, prior to the shipment departing the country of origin.
Advance notice of such shipments will allow TNT Canada to work with the importer's chosen Customs broker in providing the customs documentation required to notify CFIA of the shipment, and request authorization to have the goods imported.

Goods of this nature which are not pre-alerted to the CFIA, will not be allowed entry into Canada.  The shipment will need to be returned to origin in-bond on arrival, or forfeited to Canada Customs.

Australia - 9th December 2013

Customs Requirement for Agricultural Machinery, Equipment and Parts

Australian Customs require the following statement / declaration to accompany ALL imports of agricultural machinery, equipment and parts.

This statement can be in the form of a valid declaration or included in the commercial invoice from the exporter, supplier or company representative (who may be based in the country of import), stating that :

"The machinery, equipment and/or and parts are new and have not been field tested or factory trialled."

The company representative who signs the statement must be a representative of the exporter, supplier or manufacturer.

Failure to comply will result in the consignment being held for inspection in every case where a statement is not provided.

Further details of Australian Customs notice of requirement can be found here: Customs Notice 83-2013.   

Iran - 9th December 2013

Prescription Medication

Iranian Customs restrictions only permit clearance of prescribed drugs with limited volumes and only when an original and valid prescription accompanies the consignment.

Failure to provide the correct paperwork will result in the consignment being held by Customs and potential fines imposed.

For further details please contact the TNT Customer Service Department

Macadonia - 9th December 2013

Prohibited Items

It is prohibited to import consignments containing any food or beverage (whether alcoholic or non alcoholic) into FYRO Macedonia.  This rule applies to both companies and private individuals.

All consignments contain any food or beverage will be returned to origin.

Example of items affected include:

- Chocolates
- Wine
- Cheese
- Sweets
- Tea
- Dry Fruits

South Africa - 11th November 2013

Invoice Requirements

South African Customs will no longer accept any "Proforma" invoices for clearance purposes, all invoices must be "commercial" invoices only.

All shipments arriving in South African with a proforma invoice will automatically be detained by Customs and a request for a commercial invoice issued.

Shipments detained due to invoice requirements will experience a minimum delay of 24 hours and release from Customs will be dependent on availability of commercial invoice from origin.

There is also the possibility of penalties being issued on these shipments.

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