United Kingdom - 2012 London Olympics and 2012 London Paralympics

27 July to 12 August and 29 August to 9 September

The Olympic games in London will occur between 27 July to 12 August with the Paralympic games following shortly afterwards between 29 August to 9 September 2012.

In addition to the 6 key areas of Central London which are expected to be affected by road blocks, traffic diversions and complete “lock downs” due to security and traffic management related to the Olympic game events, a further 22 other areas across the United Kingdom will also be affected
Lockdown dates may start from as early as 6 June through until 12 September, whereby access to the Olympic venues will be strictly controlled and all Final (deliveries) / First Mile (collections) into or out of the venues can only be made via the nominated Logistics Service Provider to the games
For the above reasons some disruptions to normal schedules, pickups, deliveries and transit times can be expected although TNT will aim to keep these to the absolute minimum.

For deliveries into the affected areas or directly into the Olympic venues additional service charges will apply.

For further information about the Olympic and Paralympic games and how they may affect your shipments, please visit www.tnt-summerofsport.co.uk. Should you have more queries, please contact your local Customer Service department.