Proof of Delivery (PoD) Signature Image Retrieval

For all your shipments you can now obtain a Proof of Delivery (PoD) signature image, from all our shipping tools, such as myTNT and ExpressShipper. 

What are PoD signature images?

PoD images are digital pictures of signatures and sometimes company stamps from the person who signed for the delivery of your consignment. The image also shows other details, such as the printed name and the date and time of the delivery of your shipment.

How do I benefit from this new service?

" PoD signature images offer proof that your shipment was delivered and signed for by the receiver
" You can deal quickly and efficiently with enquiries from your customers regarding the delivery of a shipment
" You can view the PoD images online, download them, save, print and send (email or fax) them as required
" Depending on the rules of the countries involved, you have additional proof of export, for your VAT administration, for example.

How do I get access to PoD signature images?

We have added the PoD signature image retrieval service to the tracking module of all our Shipping Tools: myTNT, ExpressShipper, ExpressManager and ExpressConnect.

 Are PoD signature images available everywhere?

We offer PoD signature images from more countries, territories and locations than anyone else. You currently have access to PoD signature images from more than 85 destination countries worldwide, and we are continuously adding more destinations.

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How soon after delivery are PoD signature images available online?

You are able to view PoD signature images within the track & trace section of myTNT the morning after your consignment has been delivered and signed for. Please note that for some destinations, it can sometimes take up to three working days before images become available. The images remain available to you for 13 weeks, after which time they can be obtained from your TNT Customer Service representative if needed.