ExpressManager is an easy-to-use shipping management application designed and customised for high volume shippers by TNT.

Manage the whole process

ExpressManager gives you the power to handle the entire shipping process, even on a very large scale, quickly and efficiently.

Familiar Windows look and feel

Our user-friendly ExpressManager software package runs on Windows and has a familiar Windows look and feel.

Customised for your business

We carry out an in-depth analysis of your specific shipping requirements and customise the configuration of ExpressManager’s range of tools to match them to your IT system.

You decide access levels

You can determine individual access levels, allowing you to differentiate between infrequent users, more intensive users and experts, such as your shipping manager.

Scalable and flexible

ExpressManager lets you manage and monitor the whole shipping process from single or multiple locations. It can be linked to your ERP system and accessed by multiple users and departments, enabling continuous processing from orders to expedition.

Up to date, guaranteed

All ExpressManager components are connected to the TNT central server so you are guaranteed the most up-to-date and accurate information possible.

Eliminates repetitive tasks

Enter standard data once, such as package, content, cost centre and invoicing details, then link it to multiple addresses to eliminate repetitive consignment data entry tasks.

Time-saving templates

ExpressManager saves you more time by letting you create and store step-by-step or fast track single-screen templates for regular shipments. It automatically manifests consignments and can select the right template for each type of shipment.

Improves productivity

ExpressManager can be integrated with your production process, enabling you to scan packages and print labels while they are still on the production line. We can then offer you a later pick-up time, and you can be more productive.

Accelerates cost management

Enter your collection, destination and package details and receive up-to-date quotes within seconds. Enter cost centre details and allocate the carriage charges to the right department.

Automatic updates

TNT Express is constantly developing new services and components for ExpressManager to meet your changing needs. You can choose to receive these on a CD or update your software online, automatically.

Proof of Delivery (POD) Image Retrieval

ExpressManager allows you to view and download Proof of Delivery (PoD) signature images with the actual signature or stamp for the delivery of your shipment, giving you even more control of your shipments. To learn more about the benefits of PoD signature images, click here

Support and training

You can rely on the full support of our knowledgeable IT department and customer services staff whenever you need it. We will help you set up your system and can even provide on-site training to ensure your staff get the best out of ExpressManager.

For an online walk-through demonstration of ExpressManager, click here

Customised for you

 ExpressManager is a customised shipping system.  We will carry out an in-depth analysis of your shipping requirements and configure the range of flexible tools available to meet your needs.

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