ExpressConnect Shipping Module

ExpressConnect’s shipping module allows you to easily manage your shipments online.

Using ExpressConnect, you can select shipping services that meet your requirements and integrate them into your company’s systems and processes such as order fulfilment and returns management.

Four possible activities can be performed on submitted consignments using ExpressConnect’s shipping module: create, rate, book and print.


This option allows you to create consignments that are then stored on our database for seven days. This allows you to set up all the shipment details in advance, eliminates the need to resubmit them and allows you to refer to the consignment by consignment number during subsequent processing.


As soon as your consignments have been processed, shipping rates are returned for them. Rates are given for all available services unless you specify a particular service.


This option allows you to book single or multiple consignments and receive confirmation online.


The print option allows you to print consignment notes, labels, manifests and commercial invoices, directly with your own information, over the Internet.