By tapping into ExpressConnect, you gain access to the wide range of TNT Express facilities which are closely meshed with your own system. This approach allows for flexible adaptation to your changing requirements: next to the TNT Express assets you can easily add or adapt your own or third party assets as and when you require.

If you are already an ExpressConnect customer and wish to download your copy of the implementation guides please click on any of the links below whereupon you will be prompted for a username and password. These guides will assist you in learning the latest developments designed to make integration of your systems with those of TNT Express even simpler.

ExpressConnect download

New customers and customers who wish to upgrade

v2.1 ExpressConnect Shipping Management
v2.0 ExpressConnect Pricing
v2.0 ExpressConnect Tracking

and for existing customers using version 1.0 software:

v1.0 ExpressConnect Shipping Management

To find out more about ExpressConnect and how it can help your business or in order to register please contact us today.