What is ExpressConnect:

It is a software system which allows your business systems to talk to ours.

Who is it for?

ExpressConnect is particularly appropriate for businesses which accept orders online from internal and external customers - and ship direct to their customers using TNT.

What does ExpressConnect do?

It is an XML based shipping system.  XML enables one web server to talk to (and exchange data with) another.

So, your company's systems can be configured to send pricing, shipping and tracking requests to us, and receive information back.  Your website and other systems seamlessly integrate TNT's data 'behind the scenes' - you choose what information to show your customers, and how you show it.

Ultimate flexibility

ExpressConnect is a completely flexible solution.  It goes you online access to TNT information and services which you can then use however you wish in your processes.

In simple terms, though, these are just some of the things it offers:

You can access our pricing information online and use it however you choose, for instance in your quoting or billing processes.

Some of the shipping options allfow you to:

  • create consignments before sending, so you have all the pricing and details set up in advance
  • choose documentation and labels to print
  • book single or multiple consignments online and receive online confirmation

You can access shipment tracking information, use it and share it with your customers however you choose.

How would I use it in my business?

To see examples of business applications such as e-retailing, returns, e-marketplaces, e-procurement and intra-company goods distribution, click Business Applications

To download an ExpressConnect brochure click here

How do I get Express Connect?

Our representatives are here to discuss your business needs and to find the best solution for you.  Please contact your local country for information.

Product support - TNT Work with your business to create the connections you need with TNT.  You can also use the link above for access to the Registered Users area.

Proof of Delivery (POD) Image Retrieval

ExpressConnect now also offers you additional tracking functionality. You can now integrate the tool to retrieve Proof of Delivery (PoD) signature images in your systems. PoD images are digital pictures of signatures or stamps provided by the person who signed for the delivery of your shipment, giving you even more control of your shipments. To learn more about the benefits of PoD signature images, click here.

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