E-mail Services

If you have access to e-mail, but not the internet, don’t worry – TNT has a solution to enable you to track your shipments.

To track UK national shipments, send your e-mail to track@tnt.co.uk’, or for international shipments track@tnt.com’.

Simply send an e-mail with the letter ‘C’ or ‘R’ as the subject line depending upon whether you are tracking by a consignment note number or customer reference. Then enter your consignment note numbers or references on separate lines within the body of the e-mail, end with the word ‘END’  - and press ‘SEND’.

For example:-

To : track@tnt.co.uk

Subject : C


TNT will send you by return an e-mail summary of the real time status of your requested consignment note numbers. Please note that only 20 results will be returned at a time, so limit your search to this number to ensure you receive a swift response.

You can use any email program to receive the current status of your consignment.