For our customers who are bending over backwards to meet their customers' needs, we're the partner of choice to help them deliver the unexpected and the unusual

A very special case study

Customer requests don't get much more 'special' than the need to transport two giant pandas half way around the world. 
We developed most of our special services, though, from much more common place 'special' requests. Seeing the wider application for these solutions, we offer an ever-growing portfolio of special services tailored to our customers needs.

Our solutions

When you book our time critical services we respond immediately with whatever transport is needed.
If your load needs special handling, we can provide secure transport, temperature controlled vehicles, delicate handling, you name it, we can.
We can even handle properly labelled and allowable dangerous goods.
We don't have any size or weight restrictions on our highly flexible freight services.
Our customers using our Storapart & Distribution services are best placed to respond within a few hours to their customers' calls.
We can even run your mailroom, archive your records and more, if you need us to. Check out our outsourced services.
You name it, we can ship it. Sure we can.