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We live in a high technology world. End users continue to expect increasing technical capability and reliability from their products and services.  However, market commoditisation inevitably leads to lowered sales prices and squeezed profit margins.  In this changing landscape a manufacturer's Aftermarket offering becomes a key differentiator for brand loyalty, customer retention and sustained growth.  This is why TNT is proud to offer its Service Logistics value propositions - to offer you a solution that empowers your Aftermarket operations to deliver more.


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In any service parts operation, the supply chain involved in maintaining the "uptime" of your products and services is crucial. Cost effective replenishment of parts from global or regional warehousing contrasts the requirement to provide a rapid order response and fulfilment times through inventory held close to the installed base of your products. Retrieving and screening defective parts back through the supply chain further strengthens the control on material consumption within the service network. Efficiently managing these dynamic supply chains requires global control towers, providing the best in class customer service experience and support to each of our customers operations.  Read more...


Efficiently run centralised spare part distribution operations provide the backbone behind any service supply chain. Whether the role of the distribution centre is to replenish multiple forward stocking locations, or to send parts to service vendors for use in repair; the ultimate goal is to deliver the correct parts on time, every time and in a cost efficient manner. Retrieving defective parts back to a centralised point, effectively forming a coupled or semi-coupled parts flow, further strengthens control on material consumption within the service network.  Read more...


Reverse Logistics is a term often used to describe the process of returning products from the field, be it for repair, replacement, recycling, refurbishment, recall or re-use, including fulfilment back to the original user.

Reverse Logistics is an important focus area in the consumer electronics industry, with manufacturers striving to improve customer satisfaction and brand reputation whilst balancing warranty costs.

Reverse Logistics is equally important to support consumer online channels for returning unwanted or defective products. Companies can reduce inventory levels by returning products faster and boost sales through a painless returns process.  Read more...