TNT Service Logistics

Efficiently run centralised spare part distribution operations provide the backbone behind any service supply chain. Whether the role of the distribution

centre is to replenish multiple forward stocking locations, or to send parts to service vendors for use in repair; the ultimate goal is to deliver the correct parts on time, every time and in a cost efficient manner. Retrieving defective parts back to a centralised point, effectively forming a coupled or semi-coupled parts flow, further strengthens control on material consumption within the service network.

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TNT's Centralised Parts Solutions enable:

Tighter control on inventory

  • Clear inventory visibility across multiple stock locations
  • Ability to monitor, manage and improve repair partner spare part consumption
  • World class technology driving operations
  • Reduction of inventory spend through efficient material re-utilisation, rapid order lead times and system driven stock replenishment

Improved brand reputation and loyalty

  • Class network reach, market understanding and experience
  • 24/7 service availability allowing around the clock, fast order fulfilment times
  • Enhanced service quality and performance delivered through multi-user regional warehouses with award winning international and domestic distribution networks
  • Platform for environmentally responsible end of life material management

Efficient operations

  • Automated stock minimums and replenishment function reduces stock-out risk
  • Control on defective materials and asset recovery services
  • Competitive costs through integrated warehouse, call centre and transport services
  • Savings on transport cost through consolidation of both outbound and return orders within TNT network

A scalable solution

  • Transferable solution across multiple geographies
  • Expert global, regional and country account management teams providing constant support

Service Logistics

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