We live in a high technology world. End users continue to expect increasing technical capability and reliability from their products and services. However, market commoditisation inevitably leads to lowered sales prices and squeezed profit margin. In this changing landscape a manufacturer's Aftermarket offering becomes a key differentiator for brand loyalty, customer retention and sustained growth.

This is why TNT is proud to offer its Service Logistics value propositions - to offer you a solution that empowers your Aftermarket operations to deliver more. Click to the tabs below for further information or click to send an enquiry.


Storage, time critical delivery and return of spare parts for use in corrective and preventative servicing of installed base products.

Enhance your field service engineer productivity and reduce inventory spend.

Centralised storage and direct distribution of spare parts for end use, repair, or stock replenishment.

Streamline central stock holding operations, reduce central inventory spend and maximise defective stock re-utilisation.


Return, handling and fulfilment of product for re-use, recycle, recall, repair or replacement.

Provide competitive warranty, retail-return and out of warranty service solutions.