Integrated Direct Express

What is IDE?

Integrated Direct Express (IDE) is a proven demand-driven solution that creates a leaner and more responsive supply chain. Multiple orders are consolidated into one unit for shipment and single customs clearance into your destination country. Once cleared, the shipment is separated for direct delivery to multiple customers using TNT's established distribution network.

Integrated - Shipments move seamlessly within a single and secure distribution network. There is full end-to-end visibility of shipment data.

Direct - Products are moved directly from your factory or warehouse to multiple end

Express - Fast and reliable door-to-door delivery times.

IDE uses speed, reliability and visibility to simplify complex global supply chains and meet the increasing demands of your customers, wherever they are in the world. The IDE service is available globally for deliveries from Asia into Europe, USA into Europe, Asia into USA or Intra-Asia.

How does it work? 


The IDE process works in 3 steps: 

  1.  Multiple orders are consolidated into a single shipment for air uplift and single customs clearance at your selected entry gateway.
  2. Once customs-cleared, the consolidated shipment is separated into individual orders, sorted by receiver address and delivered to consignees within one country, or in multiple countries within a common market.
  3.  Proactive notification of shipment progress from origin to destination is provided electronically to both shipper and receiver.

How you can benefit from TNT IDE

IDE offers your company optimal supply chain management within a global sourcing environment. It offers a build-to-order supply chain that enables vast reductions in inventory costs and a reduction in warehousing capital deployed leading to improved financial returns. At the same time IDE enables much shorter lead times to customers, in turn leading to improved customer satisfaction.

To find out more, download the IDE brochure.