Telecom Sector

Characteristics & Challenges

The various types of players in the international telecom sector have particular requirements and are faced with particular challenges. TNT Express has the capabilities and solutions to support them.

Manufacturers of mobile devices and accessories need to maintain a competitive cost of delivery per phone. Losses due to damage and theft must be minimised. TNT has the necessary flexibility and capacity to cope with fluctuating demand. Providing reliable routes to market from manufacturing sites in low cost regions, matched by predictable transit times to ensure 100% availability at the point of sale.

TNT provides global capability, and has major operations in EMEA, Russia, Brazil, China and India. We provide mobile device manufacturers with:

  • Inbound delivery of components for production
  • Delivery of handsets and accessories from production to channel partners, from individual samples to full vehicle loads
  • Direct-to-consumer services to support online sales
  • Efficient and controlled device returns solutions with IT links to customer and warranty management systems

Telecom infrastructure providers and Network operators need global visibility of stock to control inventory costs and manage replenishment, faulty parts and repair processes efficiently. They need to be able to deliver to and collect from field engineers and provide emergency response parts deliveries within 2-4 hours of order receipt.

TNT has a global presence, with major existing operations in EMEA, India, China and South East Asia. We provide Telecom infrastructure providers with:

  • The worldwide capability they require, also covering 'difficult' markets in the developing world
  • Global parts availability, visibility and stock replenishment, together with rapid response to local demand
  • Support for multi-vendor concepts, and the ability to maintain 100% service with lowest possible parts inventory
  • A project-based approach to major installations and upgrades, coordinating on-site delivery times with engineers

We have designed and developed solutions in a wide range of areas for our customers in the telecom sector. To learn more about them, click here1.


Click on these links to find out more about our solutions for the telecom sector:

Integrated Direct Express, creating a leaner and more responsive supply chain by consolidating multiple orders into one unit for shipment and single customs clearance into your target country. (view PDF)

Returns Solutions, helping you plan and implement reverse logistics solutions that save you time and money while improving customer service and end-customer experience. (view PDF)

Service Parts Solutions, our worldwide solution for telecom sector customers who need to manage their time critical spare parts close to the point-of-need. (view PDF)

Centralised Parts Solutions, centralised storage and direct distribution of spare parts for end use, repair or stock replenishment.

Merge in Transit, enabling the efficient management and coordination of customer orders for multiple components sourced from different locations. (view PDF)

Delivery & Collection Plus, a service that delivers products to or collects them from the end-customer while providing a range of on-site value added services. (view PDF)

Value Added Service Centre, a multi-user location linked to the TNT Air Hub, providing value added services on Express flows. (view PDF)

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