Industrial Sector

Characteristics & Challenges

TNT's customers in the industrial sector manufacture equipment for companies in industries such as automotive, power generation, building construction and engineering.

In an environment in which it is increasingly difficult to differentiate, many industrial sector companies consider their after-sales services as a means of developing a competitive advantage. Many product sales are accompanied by service agreements that carry severe financial penalties for equipment down time, so an effective and reliable service parts logistics network is vital to optimise equipment use and maintain customer satisfaction.

Globalisation represents a further challenge, as their customers expand to new and often more demanding geographies, yet expect levels of service and support they have received in traditional markets. Margin pressures have also forced companies to manufacture and source components in lower cost countries and focus on making their inbound to production supply chains more efficient.


With our global coverage, industry expertise and solutions to support both service parts logistics and inbound to manufacturing, TNT is ideally placed to help you develop a best-in-class supply chain solution to support your customers' needs. For more information about the solutions we have specifically designed and developed for the industrial sector, click on the links below:

Inbound Materials Management, providing expedited pick up of urgent components from your suppliers for delivery to your assembly plants. (view PDF)

Integrated Direct Express, creating a leaner and more responsive supply chain by consolidating multiple orders into one unit for shipment and single customs clearance into your target country. (view PDF)

Service Parts Solutions, our worldwide solution for industrial sector customers who need to manage their time critical spare parts close to the point of need. (view PDF)

Merge in Transit, enabling the efficient management and coordination of customer orders for multiple components sourced from different locations. (view PDF)

Value Added Service Centre, a multi-user location linked to the TNT Air Hub, providing value added services on Express flows. (view PDF)

Returns Solutions, helping you plan and implement reverse logistics solutions that save you time and money while improving customer service and end-customer experience. (view PDF)

Centralised Parts Solutions, centralised storage and direct distribution of spare parts for end use, repair or stock replenishment.