The safe supply chain for temperature sensitive pharmaceutical freight

We understand that your products are valuable and require strict temperature control as you face regulatory risk, business risk and most important the risk on patient’s health.

TNT PharmaSafe is the market leading solution for preserving the efficacy, value and brand of pharmaceutical products during transport.

Single partner

TNT PharmaSafe provides you with a single partner as we control the full end-to-end supply chain. From providing pre-conditioned packaging, handling shipments in our own stations, using our own aircraft and pick-up and delivery network for transport, and providing robust customs processes using in-house staff.

Real time tracking of location and temperature

TNT PharmaSafe provides real time tracking of location and temperature during transport. The temperature both inside and outside the container is constantly measured – also during flights. This data is fed real time to TNT’s 24/7 PharmaSafe Control Tower using a GSM transponder that is only switched off during flights (like mobile phones).

This further guarantees a safe supply chain as potential deviations are predicted and prevented well in advance.

High performance packaging

TNT’s packaging solution va-Q-tainer is a high performance, cost efficient and re-usable container that maintains the required inside temperature at frozen, refrigerated or controlled room temperature up to 120 hours or more without an electrical power supply or dry ice, even in extreme ambient conditions.

Robust customs processes

Avoiding delays or issues at customs is all about getting it right first time. Supported by our in-house customs staff and compliance specialists, TNT PharmaSafe provides a safe supply chain by helping you achieve this. Prior to first time shipping a full representation is done to all customs and
compliance offices, our specialised PharmaSafe desks assure completeness and accuracy of your documents for each shipment and we provide pre-clearance services.

Multi modal solutions

TNT PharmaSafe provides cost effective multi modal solutions. We run a fleet of 46 own aircraft that cover 71 airports in 30 countries in Europe and connect between Europe, Asia, Middle East and the US and we operate a fleet of 30,000 road vehicles and more than 2,600 depots and
sorting centres world wide.

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