TNT Express provides global distribution and added value solutions for the Medical Devices industry.

Characteristics & Challenges

Medical devices have become an increasingly important healthcare area. The sector covers some 8,000 types of products, ranging from simple bandages and spectacles, through life-maintaining implantable devices, equipment to screen and diagnose disease and health conditions, to the most sophisticated diagnostic imaging and minimal invasive surgery equipment.

Favourable market conditions and an aging population have led to considerable growth in the medical devices industry. Competition in the global marketplace and the influence of managed care may create obstacles to the industry's future growth however.

The relatively high cost of research and development for medical device products and the long regulatory approval process have created significant barriers to entry, in turn limiting competition in the market. This has proven beneficial for existing companies and made them attractive to investors, especially as most R&D efforts have enjoyed commercial success. Many new products are being introduced in cardiology, orthopaedics, oncology, and specialised surgical markets. 

Increased pressure on national healthcare budgets in countries has led to the need for a leaner and more agile supply chain. Suppliers have to be able to deliver directly to hospitals to minimise the inventory consigned there, yet it is essential that your medical devices are delivered on time and to the right person.

The TNT MedTech team is dedicated to your market, and meets your need for transport services with high service levels: 24-hour, geographical and pre-9 am coverage, on-time performance and full visibility of shipments in transit.


Click on the links below to find out more about the solutions we have designed and developed for the Medical Devices industry in a wide range of areas:

Hospital Express, dedicated to understanding your needs, Hospital Express combines the cost-effectiveness of a worldwide network provider with the personal touch of a specialised courier.

Packaging Solutions, providing you with validated packaging solutions for temperature-controlled transport, worldwide. From packaging for ambient diagnostic specimens and highly temperature-sensitive shipments to our dry ice service and other just-in-time solutions.

Integrated Direct Express, our proven demand-driven solution that creates a leaner and more responsive supply chain. Multiple orders are consolidated into one unit for shipment and single customs clearance into your target country.

Service Parts Solutions, our worldwide solution for telecom sector customers who need to manage their time critical spare parts close to the point-of-need. (view PDF)

Value Added Service Centres, multi-user locations linked to the TNT Air Hub, providing value added services on Express flows.

Returns Solutions, managing returns of your products for repair, replacement, recall and re-use. We help you control the entire return process with uniform and easy-to-use international solutions.

Centralised Parts Solutions, centralised storage and direct distribution of spare parts for end use, repair or stock replenishment. (view PDF)

Merge in Transit, our worldwide solution for managing and coordinating multi-component customer orders. Components are received, temporarily stored awaiting order-completeness, and then consolidated and delivered as a single complete order to the end customer.

Service Parts Solutions, our worldwide solution for electronics sector customers who need to manage their time critical spare parts close to the point-of-need.

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