Clinical Research

TNT Express provides global distribution and added value solutions for the Clinical Trials industry.

Characteristics & Challenges

Orchestrating logistics in today's complex global environment is increasingly costly and complicated. Managing clinical supply logistics in the highly competitive pharmaceuticals/life sciences sector is especially challenging.

Although many initiatives have been taken to shorten product development timelines in the pharmaceutical industry, the process of bringing a new drug to market still typically takes 10-15 years. Innovation comes at the price of still longer product development time, higher costs, and greater uncertainty about ultimate regulatory approval. Relentless global acceleration in the number of large-scale clinical trials has led to the need for costly and specialised transport solutions. The average cost of developing a single drug has climbed to around US$ 1bn, and much of this involves the cost of transportation/logistics.

Outsourcing and globalisation have offered genuine efficiency and cost benefits to leading players in the pharmaceutical industry, and have widened the recruitment pool for appropriate clinical trial patients. Pharmaceutical companies outsource the clinical trials process and their transport logistics to TNT Express so that they can concentrate on what they do best: namely, applying their chemical and biotechnical expertise to the development of successful new treatments and cures.


Click on the links below to find out more about the solutions we have designed and developed for Clinical Research in a wide range of areas:

Clinical Express, partnering with you from protocol design to study completion and combining the cost-effectiveness of a worldwide network provider with the personal touch of a specialised courier.

Healthcare Centres, supporting your organisation in the distribution of biomedical samples, drugs and medical equipment. Our dedicated staff understand the importance of your vital goods reaching their destination in time.

Packaging Solutions, providing you with validated packaging solutions for temperature-controlled transport, worldwide. From packaging for ambient diagnostic specimens and highly temperature-sensitive shipments to our dry ice service and other just-in-time solutions.

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