Direct Express

Who uses Direct Express?

TNT Direct Express is a new shipping solution for customers with high volumes to specific countries in Europe.  Our solution connects your goods directly to the country of destination where our strong domestic networks provide last mile delivery. Companies interested in optimising their supply chain and improving their distribution can benefit from Direct Express, with a range of time definite options such as by 9 am, 10 am and 12 pm, as well as the more economical day definite delivery.

What are the benefits of Direct Express?

Minimised Touch Points

Touch points reduced as shipments bypass depots and hubs
Highly reliable shipping solution

Reduced Costs

  • Competitively priced
  • Reduced warehousing costs
  • Improved cash flow management
  • Improved inventory management resulting in reduced carrying costs

Increased Sales

  • Late cut off times allow more time to process customer orders and generate sales
  • High service quality with simplified process increases customer satisfaction

Improved Control

  • End-to-end visibility of shipment data
  • Track and trace your shipments online

How does Direct Express work?

Direct Express is a flexible solution with shorter transit times, high reliability and results. It has a simple, three-step process:

  1. Items are labelled with the end destination and prepared for collection at customers' premises
  2. Collection starts a truck route that connects directly to TNT's domestic hub in the destination country
  3. Our domestic transport system delivers each item door to door, on time and in perfect condition

Direct Express

More Information on Direct Express?

TNT Direct Express offers a range of options, enabling you to create the best possible solution for your budget and requirements. To find out if your shipping profile qualifies for a Direct Express solution, please contact your TNT Account Manager for further consultation. You can also download the Direct Express Brochure