Merge in Transit

What is 'Merge in Transit'?

Merge in Transit is a worldwide solution to manage and coordinate multi-component customer orders, where the components are sourced from different manufacturing and/or warehousing locations. Components are received, temporarily stored awaiting order-completeness and consolidated in the TNT Value Added Service Centre to be delivered as one complete order to the end customer. The solution combines components into one order while the goods are in transit.

How does it work?

The following 4 steps detail how the process works:
1. Your customer asks for a multi-component order.
2. Suppliers from all over the world send the components to the TNT Value Added Service Centre.
3. The components are temporarily stored in the Value Added Service Centre. When complete, the components are merged into one shipment.
4. The shipment is then sent to the customer who ordered the product.  

How can you benefit from TNT Merge in Transit?

Merge in Transit offers your company a worldwide solution to manage and coordinate multi-component customer orders into a single delivery. Because the service is provided 'in Transit' in TNT's hub, transit times are shorter, enabling vast reductions in inventory carrying costs and a reduction in warehousing capital, deployed leading to improved financial returns.

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