Inbound Materials Management

Our Emergency Inbound Materials Management solution for the automotive sector provides expedited pick up of urgent components from your suppliers for delivery to your assembly plants to avoid costly production stoppages and / or retrofits.

Our global network of dedicated control centres provides you with order-to-delivery visibility, supplier compliance data and immediate reaction to unplanned events to ensure your production process is uninterrupted.

In automotive manufacturing environments, a 100% guarantee of production uptime is crucial to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and delivery of products to your end customers. Should an incident occur, a timely supply of the correct mission-critical production parts is needed to keep downtime to a minimum.

Yet with today's JIT production processes and minimal pipeline inventory, keeping significant stocks of production parts available at the production site is impractical. This often means that emergency production parts have to be sourced at the last minute from suppliers across the globe.

Our automotive customers trust in TNT as their global logistics partner to get their emergency parts to their plant as quickly as possible.

TNT offers the complete management of your inbound emergency material flows:

Taking inbound order requests
Verifying the availability of the material required with your suppliers
Designing the optimal transport solution
Confirming the solution with you
Executing the solution and proactively monitoring the shipment through to final delivery