What are 'Value Added Service Centres'?

A Value Added Services Centre is an operating entity in the TNT Network where various value-added services can be provided for our customers. Such a centre is integrated in the TNT network operation which brings additional benefits that satisfies customers demand for 'in transit' Value Added Services with late cut-off times and direct in-feed in TNT's Road and Air networks.

What value added services can we offer you?

  • Merge in Transit
  • Kitting
  • Returns solutions, including order processing, diagnostic testing and quality control
  • Pick and Pack
  • Customer specific solutions

How can you benefit from a TNT Value Added Service Centre?

Your benefits include:

  • reduced cycle times through late cut-off times and a direct feed into TNT's European Road and Air networks
  • full supply chain visibility
  • easy access to the EU market for customers based outside Europe, central customs clearance for the EU
  • secure storage and distribution through TAPA-certified warehouses, depots and hubs
  • 24/7 availability
  • flexible distribution systems (Express/Economy/Special) allowing for the most cost effective distribution solution
  • reduction of inventory levels and inventory pipeline costs by centralising inventory and moving high value inventory out of the pipeline
  • reduction of transportation and warehousing costs