Aftermarket Parts Express - Aerospace & Defence

Our Aftermarket Parts Express solution for the Aerospace & Defence sector provides deliveries of urgent spare parts from distribution centres direct to MROs (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) organisations and aircraft operators.

TNT's solutions are tailored to your specific needs, adding value to your aftersales business by providing your customers with best-in-class services for their spare parts. Providing the latest possible pick-up times and earliest possible cross border deliveries enables you to minimise warehouse and inventory costs in each market you serve by providing reliable, consistent and timely deliveries from your centralised parts warehouses.

Aftersales services are an integral part of the sales process for OEMs, independent distributors and MROs. The ability to offer your customers a rapid response to aircraft downtime or servicing gives you an advantage in a highly competitive environment.

Customers are becoming ever more demanding when it comes to aftersales parts delivery. They want to be able to place orders later and later in the day and demand early morning next day delivery with total reliability and consistency. Yet it is not always commercially viable to store all the required parts in every market you serve, due to the vast number of parts involved and the increasing life span of the products you sell and service.

Aftermarket Parts Express can help to resolve this dilemma by providing you with the latest possible collection times from your Parts Distribution Centre and delivery direct to MROs and aircraft operators early the next morning - often before 07:00 - with the possibility to optimise return flows. This allows you to simultaneously optimise your warehouse and inventory costs while providing your customers with the highest level of service.