Whatever you need to deliver, whenever it needs to be there, you can call on TNT to deliver.

An immediate response

When you call, we collect immediately and deliver non-stop using

  • the fastest means, whether aircraft, road vehicle or motorcycle
  • the fastest and most direct route

We work round the clock to collect and deliver the same day for the most urgent shipments.

We offer two time critical services, Dedicated Express and Special Express.

Our Dedicated Express service

Whatever transport is needed, we provide a vehicle or courier dedicated to your delivery. We carry your shipment direct to its destination, outside our network.

Our Special Express service

If we can utilise our network for some or part of the journey and still match the transit time we can offer you using Dedicated Express, it reduces the cost of the service to you. This is still a tailored, premium service in which your shipment receives the utmost priority and attention, so we call it Special Express.

Totally flexible

These are unique solutions for you, providing whatever you need including

  • out of hours pick-up and delivery times
  • no limitations on the size or weight of the shipment

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....our special handling services which we can combine with a time critical delivery, if your shipment needs high security, delicate handling or environmental control.  Just let us know when you book.

...our sameday service
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Click to download the Time Critical Services brochure