Need to send a one-off special shipment?

We can transport your delicate or valuable item with extra special care, quickly and reliably. Sure we can.

To give your special item the care it needs, we will send it by one of our time critical services. Tell us that this shipment needs special handling when you book.

What's your business? We can handle it.

Whatever you need to get from A to B, however special, delicate or urgent, we can help.

Dangerous goods services

We advise you on the classification of your goods. We handle the documentation. Our experienced and qualified experts will transport your goods in specially equipped vehicles for maximum safety.

Secure transport

Our in-house security experts can advise you on transporting high value goods. We use specially built and alarmed vehicles which are tracked using GPS technology.

Clinical Express services

Our unique urgent delivery service for the medical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

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We also handle...

Perishable loads in temperature controlled environments and delicate shipments.

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