Take control of your imported shipping

The Express Import system from TNT makes the arrangement of collections from around the world to your location even quicker and easier. It lets you pull shipments to you rather than waiting for them to be sent, with options for every timeline and budget.

With the innovative online Express Import system, you take control of where, when and how your shipments are collected and delivered. With our fleet of aircraft, extensive road networks and superior service, you can be sure that your shipments will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

The Express Import system makes it easy, by offering :

Cost control

You control the cost of the shipping because:

  • You choose the shipping company, rather than the sender choosing
  • You choose the service with our time and definite services
  • Pricing is according to your own rates
  • Billing is in your own currency
  • Quote approval available

Ease of use

You save time and have more options because:

  • The TNT Express Import system overcomes any language barriers with your suppliers
  • You can arrange your imports locally by simply going online anytime you like
  • The online system features repeat or regular collections, including customs clearance and billing
  • Collection can be arranged from 170 countries

How the Express Import system works

  1. Receiver logs-in to the Express Import system, enters details of the goods they want to receive and personalise for delivery.  A request will be sent to the sender

  2. Receiver can ask for a price quote to control speed and cost of delivery

  3. Sender gets an email invitation

  4. Sender enters final details of the goods (size and weight) into the Express Import system to complete the order

  5. Receiver approves price quote (if one was requested)

  6. Sender receives shipping documentation to attach to the shipment

  7. TNT Then collects your shipment and transports it.  When the journey is complete, TNT delivers the shipment to you on time and in perfect condition




For more information on how the Express Import system can work for you

contact your local TNT Office or view a demonstration on how the Express Import system works.

Click to track a package that you are expecting or have sent

Download an Express Import System "Guide for receivers"

Download an Express Import System "Guide for senders"