Wherever you need it to go, however fast you need it to get there, we can deliver. Sure we can.

Time & day definite services

Choose from our time & day definite services to send documents, packages and freight for:

  • same day delivery
  • next day delivery - also by specified morning times
  • delivery on a specified day in 2 to 5 days

Express Import

With our innovative Express Import online system, we can collect from more than 170 countries and bring the delivery to you, offering you complete control over your import shipments.

Find out more about our Express Import service or watch a demonstation to see how simple the system is to use.

Optional extras

Do you need insurance, priority handling or exceptional pick-up and delivery times? Click here.

Time critical services

For an extremely urgent delivery of documents and packages, we will

  • collect immediately
  • deliver non-stop by the fastest means

That makes our Dedicated Express and Special Express services ideal for time critical) needs. 

Flexible services - meeting your needs

European solution for frequent shippers

For customers with regular, high volume shipments to specific countries in Europe, TNT's Direct Express offers a fast, reliable yet economical delivery solution.

Companies interested in optimising their supply chain, reducing warehouse costs and time to market can benefit from Direct Express.

Air, road and sea freight

For large loads with special requirements we offer flexible freight services.

Special handling services

We also offer our special handling service to meet your specific needs for delicate, high value items or dangerous items.

You may also be interested in our industry solutions.  We provide flexible logistics solutions to our regular commercial customer.  To find out about our general commercial and industry-specific services click here.