TNT Express Services

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Express delivery services

For special requirements:

Industry solutions

For our business customers, we offer both generic and industry-specific services.

No matter what your business is, TNT offers:

  • Order-consolidation
  • Worldwide storage and distribution
  • Service Logistics Solutions
  • After sales services and more

TNT also offers a range of specialised services for the following sectors:

Shipping Tools

On the website you can:

  • plan
  • price
  • send
  • and track shipments

Use our mobile services to track and trace your shipment when you are on the move.  With a PDA you can price and ship deliveries and more.

For a full overview of TNT's online services, see Shipping Tools.

Electronic shipping systems

TNT's electronic shipping systems enable your business to increase efficiency and productivity.  There is a product to support:

  • low, medium or high frequency shipping
  • internal processes such as production line-to-dispatch
  • a seamless shipping service for your online customers

Outsource services

Draw on TNT's experience in distribution, storage and logistics management, leaving you free to focus on your core business.  We can help you with: