TNT Shipping tools

Easily Manage All Your Shipments

TNT is proud to offer our customers a wealth of shipping tools which can make your deliveries quick and easy. Businesses with low to medium shipping needs in particular can benefit from our solutions, as we can take the hassle away from your shipping management.

Easy online shipping

For general deliveries, you can manage your shipping online via our website in 5 simple steps . You don’t need to install any software and it’s simple to use. Click Go to find out more.

  • Ideal for less-frequent users
  • No software required

A Selection of Office Software

If you ship products regularly, the TNT ExpressManager and ExpressShipper software shipping tools are ideal. Each can be downloaded and installed on multiple workstations and can let you manage your deliveries efficiently in one place. More detail about each software package can be found by clicking Go.

  • Custom made solution

Integrated distribution solutions

Our integrated distribution solutions include TNT ExpressConnect, which is perfect for internal shipments and B2B vendors. This software integrates into your own in-house systems and essentially allows you to use TNT’s services from your workplace. To find out more, click Go.

  • Distribution solutions

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