CO2 services

Track and take action on carbon emissions

Address the environmental impact of your business with our reporting, modelling and carbon-offset services.

To properly track CO2 emissions and to mitigate the environmental impact your business has, and to help attempt to offset CO2 emissions, we here at TNT can offer a number of useful services. By using carbon emissions tracking, you’ll be able to predict and assess your carbon footprint, and identify ways that you can meet the compliance needs of your business.

CO2 Reporting

  • Track CO2 emissions & analyse your CO2 footprint.
  • Choose the level of detail and how regularly you receive your report — from simple one sheet summaries to detailed data compilations. You can get the amount of information you need.
  • Our reporting is verified by third party auditors against the leading European standard (EN16258), so you know you’re getting accurate reporting you can trust.

CO2 Neutral Shipping

  • Fully offest the CO2 emissions of your business shipments.
  • Leading quality 'gold standard' credits.
  • An annual certificate that specifies the amount of CO2 neutralised throughout a year.
  • The receipt of a TNT CO2 Neutral logo helps demonstrate to your customers how much your business cares.

CO2 and Global Supply Chains

  • The ability to forecast and model the impact of carbon dioxide emissions on your business.
  • A CO2 Quote that is able to predict carbon emissions for tenders or quote requests.
  • A CO2 Scenario that maps out and helps to optimise emissions in your transport supply chain to have a positive impact on your total carbon footprint.

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