Fuel Surcharges & Shipping Surcharges

Understanding your invoice

Mandatory surcharges are additional charges that can be applied to certain TNT shipments. These will appear on your invoice and understanding why the surcharges are there can help put your mind at ease. The following shipping surcharges apply when sending packages with TNT.

Fuel Surcharges are different for domestic & international, please check the pages below for more information.

Fuel surcharge

Fuel prices continue to rise and fall, often changing on a daily basis. For this reason TNT applies an index-based fuel surcharge to every shipment. A transparent charging system for all fuel costs is therefore provided for our customers. To find out the applicable fuel surcharge and its exact details for your region, Click here.

Out-of-area surcharge

Our team of experts will travel all over the world providing collection and delivery services to meet your every need. This involves travelling to some remote locations and hard-to-reach areas. An out-of-area surcharge is applied in these cases to cover all additional costs acquired. A full list of out-of-area postcodes is available Here.

Enhanced security surcharge

Further shipping surcharges are applied to all TNT shipments. To ensure all our customers’ shipments are extremely safe while under our care we have introduced extra procedures, activities and investments. The enhanced security surcharge is applied to all our shipments to help partially offset these additional costs.

A volumetric conversion factor is used to calculate all surcharge costs. Every shipment is charged to the shipment’s greater weight, whether it is statistical or volumetric weight.

On all international Express, Economy Express and Special Express shipments the surcharge is levied at a rate of £0.03 per kilo, subject to a minimum of £0.50 and maximum £10.00 per shipment. A surcharge is levied at a rate of £0.09 per kilo for airfreight shipments with the minimum surcharge being based on a weight of 100kg. No maximum charged weight exists.

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