fashion & lifestyle supply chain

Returns process of luxury, fashion, accessories, beauty items & other lifestyle products


Fashion Distribution

Here at TNT we offer the premier fashion delivery service that will see your goods arriving on time and ready for the shop floor.

We can provide fashion industry supply chain and retail support services that can increase the efficiency of your store and potentially increase your sales. What’s more our expert staff and delivery teams have the skill, knowledge and professionalism you can count on to always get the job done, however big or small your fashion business.

Our Fashion Sector Delivery Solutions

Within our services, you can find a number of fashion industry logistics options. You can have TNT collect your flatpack/carton consignments and have them quickly and securely supplied to your UK store.

Our other fashion distribution service is our garment hanging, where we can have your consignments transported on rails and have them retail ready for the shop floor. These are also sent in our specifically designed fashion delivery service trailers and are the perfect time-saving solution.

Beauty Distribution

Distribution of finished goods for beauty, fragrance and perfume products.


Returns process of luxury, fashion, accessories, beauty items & other lifestyle products.

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