Industrial Supply Chain

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We know that the industrial transport and distribution process is helped and hindered by its own unique challenges. That’s why we have a dedicated industrial service team with a wealth of experience in this particular area, and local knowledge, to ensure that you meet your customers’ needs.


The way your production plant operates is likely to be constructed around the way your customer works to make sure that you’re delivering what they need, when they need it. You are therefore reliant that your inbound supply to production is reliable, efficient and can respond in a timely manner to any changes in customer demand or product specifications.

This complex industrial supply chain has the added pressure of keeping production costs under control, so efficiency is everything. TNT can improve your supply chain, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about meeting your customer’s needs.

We can:

  • Reduce inventory pipeline costs by 2-4% with efficient and reliable delivery.
  • Diminish the chance of line stoppage by up to 60% that may have been caused by transport-related issues.
  • Increase planning productivity by 3-6% by helping your business in its receiving, sequencing and materials management functions.
  • Reduce administration costs by up to 50% of handling multiple carriers for emergency shipments.

Our service

  • On 92% of lanes on the road we are quicker or equal to the competition.
  • By road, we deliver to 20% more destination in Europe within 48 hours.
  • We have optimized our road network for parcels and pallets up to 1000kg.
  • We offer you a greater number of choices for first- and last-mile delivery.

Our people

  • We are proud of our specialist team that cater to your industrial transport and logistics needs. We have better local planning capabilities and 6 times more specialist desks when compared with our closest competitor, leading to 2-5% better service.

  • We can offer you a single point of contact, with multiple modes of transport and a wide range of services at their disposal.


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Finished Goods

We also offer efficient transport at the end of your supply chain. We understand that distribution networks for industrial products can be complex, and that they are particularly vulnerable to disruption when serviced by multiple decoupling points, a variety of carriers and complicated inventory management.
At TNT we offer a solution to this problem. With reach, speed and transparency, we utilise our European road network and our first- and last-mile delivery to give you industrial transport that you can rely on. Our specialist team ensure that your customers and channel partners get their deliveries on time.

Improve your supply chain with TNT:

  • Reduce your inventory pipeline costs by 2-5% reduction with our efficient, reliable delivery service.
  • Reduce the likelihood of failed delivery penalties due to transportation related issues by up to 30%.
  • Reduce your loss of sales by 3-10% by improving product availability.
  • Reduce administration costs by 40% by dealing with fewer carriers.

Our service

  • We are faster or equal to the competition on 92% of lanes on the road.
  • We can deliver to 20% more European destinations by road within a 48 hour period.
  • Our parcels and pallets road network is geared up for items up to 1000 kg.
  • For first- and last-mile delivery we can provide a greater choice of options.

Our People

  • Our team has greater local planning skills and expertise, which means that we have a 1.5% better service performance.
  • The team proactively monitors the shipment process from beginning to end, activates service recovery when necessary and provides you with full transparency throughout the shipping process.


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