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At TNT, we use new technology with our high tech supply chain.

High-tech logistics are always a unique and interesting challenge due to increasing demands from both customers and from suppliers. In an ever-evolving and ever-changing world, it is important that you have the ability to react quickly. Our electronics supply chain allows for this, connecting you with your suppliers and customers, leaving you assured that everything will arrive both on time and safely.


At TNT, we understand that product lifecycle, as well as the time it takes to get your product to market play a vital role in the success of your business. Our high-tech and electronic supply chains feed the production of your business through transport and logistic solutions. As a result, they respond promptly to both changing product specifications as well as the level of customer demand.

We have everything you need to help your business run smoothly, with our logistics solutions helping ensure that everything is in the right place at the right time, so you can meet your deadlines.

We can improve your high tech supply logistics by:

  • Reducing inventory pipeline costs by between 2 and 4%, leading to faster deliveries that are also more reliable. 
  • Reducing the likelihood of line stoppage by up to 60% because of possible issues arising from transport.
  • Increase planning productivity by 3-6% by improving materials management functions, as well as plant receiving and sequencing.
  • Reducing administration costs by up to 50% when dealing with multiple carriers for emergency deliveries.

The Service We Offer

  • On 92% of lanes we are faster or equal to the competition on the road.
  • We deliver to 20% more destinations in Europe within 48 hours by road.
  • Pallets up to 1000kg can be handled by our road network.
  • We can offer greater flexibility for first- and last-mile delivery thanks to our high tech supply chain.

Our People

  • At TNT, we have 6 times more specialist desks than our closest competitor.  In addition, we also provide 2-5% better performance, because of our better local planning capabilities.
  • Plus, because we are a company with no internal divisions, we can offer a wide range of services, through a single point of contact, including offering you multiple modes of transport.


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When working in the high-tech industry, you’re always faced with strong competition and products with a traditionally short shelf life. At TNT, our high-tech people know what it takes to succeed in this environment, helping your products meet the market safely, without delays. Your production site may be 1,000 miles away from your customer, but TNT’s high-tech transport means you won’t notice the distance at all.

At TNT, we have the fastest and widest European road network, and this is integrated with a global air network, and is backed by our market leading knowledge and high security standards. All of this means that your distribution process will move seamlessly, with your products making it to the shelves on time.

We can help improve your high-tech and electronics transport in many ways, including:

  • Helping achieve a 2-5% reduction in inventory pipeline costs, providing a more reliable and faster delivery service in the process.
  • Reducing the likelihood of failed delivery attempts by as much as 30% because of transport related issues.
  • Improving product availability leading to a 3-10% reduction in loss of sales.
  • Lowering administration costs by up to 40% by handling less carriers and less customer claims.

Our service

  • On 92% of lanes we are faster or equal to the competition on the road.
  • We deliver to 20% more destinations in Europe within 48 hours by road.
  • Our road network is optimised for parcels and pallets up to 1000 kg.
  • We can offer more options for first- and last-mile delivery.
  • We offer central, cross-regional security management to control the shipping process from door to door.

Our people

  • Dedicated customer service teams have better local planning capabilities, leading to 1.5% better service performance.
  • These teams proactively monitor shipments from collection to delivery, activate service recovery (if necessary), and provide you with complete visibility over the shipping process.


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