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Healthcare logistics and supply chains are unique in their regulations and challenges. We understand that efficient transport from A to B will help in the saving of lives and finding of cures. That’s why we offer a specialist service and years of expertise to healthcare professionals to help them do their vital work.


We know that healthcare research is highly competitive, and it is a careful balancing act to avoid compromise to the results, delays or financial loss. We’ve been serving the healthcare sector for over 30 years, so we know better than anyone the challenges that research and development and healthcare transport faces. With us, you can rest assured that your shipments will arrive on time and intact.

Improve your healthcare supply chain by working with TNT:

  • Reduce transport costs by up to 40% through the combination of network transportation and specialist services.
  • Reduce packaging costs by up to 50% with our leased, high-performance, reusable packaging.
  • Increase the accuracy of your budget by 15% with our simple pricing and invoicing structure.
  • Improve on-time delivery by 20% with fewer carriers for each consignment.

Our Service

  • We have one integrated network, which means that there are up to 50% fewer handover points in the supply chain, compared to specialist transport companies.
  • As the only express delivery company, we are able to provide dedicated collection and last-mile delivery combined transport via our unrivalled European Road Network.
  • We offer leased high performance packaging that secures the integrity of your shipment through the GDP compliance and reusability.

Our People

  • We eliminate customer-controlled failures through dedicated customer service.
  • Our teams monitor the delivery process, report temperature logger information and provide status reporting, so you're always well informed.

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We offer the same dedication and care to medical devices that we do to the supply chain of medical research. We know that medical devices save lives and that their design, production and availability is integral to that cause, which means the effective healthcare transport is vital.

Instead of holding costly consignment stock in hospitals, fast and reliable transportation to hospitals from TNT can ensure that you save time and money. We deliver to over 17,000 hospitals across Europe using our sophisticated road, air and special services networks.

Improve your healthcare supply chain:

  • Reduce your hospital consignment stock by 3.5% with our next-day network coverage.
  • Halve the likelihood of stock-out at the hospital due to transport-related issues.
  • Reduce the cost of emergency shipments by 80% by combining network and dedicated first and last mile delivery service.

Our service

  • We offer next-day delivery to 96% of European hospitals - 7% more than our competitors.
  • Our service performance is 98% - 2% higher than industry average.
  • We are the only integrator to combine air, road and special services via one contact.

Our People

  • We can offer you a single point of contact at TNT through our healthcare service desk.
  • Our dedicated healthcare team will proactively monitor shipments from collection to delivery, activate service recovery (if necessary) and provide you with complete visibility over the shipping process to ensure piece of mind.

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