Packing tips

Your goods are important to TNT which is why we ensure they are handled correctly and delivered with care.

In order for this to occur, it is important that you package your goods correctly.

To help you prepare your goods, we have created a series of videos. The videos provide advice and guidance on how to properly pack your consignment. You can also download and print out our handy checklist for your warehouse or despatch colleagues.


Torn boxes and a lack of labels are some of the problems we face within the depots. This in return will result in delayed and/or damaged parcels. However, a few simple suggestions will ensure your consignment is not one of them.


Badly-packed pallets create a significant safety risk, both to TNT Driver and your brand’s reputation. However, it’s easy to prevent this by stacking parcels in columns, use clear labelling and secure shrink wrapping. This will make all the difference between a fast delivery or a delayed consignment.  Take a few minutes to view the video or read our handy checklist.


  • Choose good quality pallets and stack your boxes in columns
  • Ensure the boxes are placed correctly on the pallet and do not overhang
  • Keep the pallet flat and levelled to avoid additional costs
  • All boxes must be strapped to the pallet or shrink wrapped securely
  • The labels must be placed on the side of the pallet

TNT Packaging Guidelines

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