Commercial Invoice Completion

Commercial invoices are required for any shipment, excluding documents, which travel to the Channel Islands, Canary Islands or outside of the European Union

How to complete your Commercial Invoice

To ensure you have all the relevant information, we recommend that you take a couple of minutes to watch our “how-to” video and use the infographic below as an additional checklist. You can also download our Commercial Invoice template in Word or PDF format, if you do not have a form available.

Download a commercial invoicing template by clicking one of the images below


Why your Invoice is so important

It is essential for customs clearance that a signed invoice is provided. Taxes and duties are calculated on the information given in the form, so we want to give you all the relevant facts to prevent delays or excess charges. If you are shipping goods for sale, you will need a Commercial Invoice. If your consignment has no commercial value (e.g. personal gifts or items), then use a pro-forma invoice.

Your commercial invoice acts as a commercial statement or declaration of the contents and value within the transaction. Whoever fills out the invoice is must ensure accuracy, as they may be liable for any legal consequences if your package causes a security or customs breach. For this reason it must be filled out by you, or a designated member of your company.

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