Internet fraud

Find out what to do if you think that you have been a victim of internet fraud

TNT is aware that fraudsters use our identity on websites and email messages to mislead internet shoppers

Becoming a victim of internet fraud is something that can affect anyone using online services, sometimes without them even realizing it. Unfortunately, there are fraudsters falsely using TNT’s brand to mislead and scam people using online services or shopping online.

The scam typically involves fraudulent emails which ask victims to transfer money for goods to be shipped by TNT. Also other emails contain requests for you to make a one-off payment to release ‘lottery prize’ funds or in some cases to claim keys for an apartment.

Such requests are all fraudulent and illegal, as TNT does not provide these services nor does it operate through third-parties. To help you in avoiding internet fraud, here’s what you need to know.

How to Avoid Internet Fraud

Ultimately being vigilant is key in avoiding internet fraud. So if you receive such suspicious emails with TNT’s branding, we recommend you immediately contact our customer services to confirm the legitimacy of any payment requests.

Be aware that these emails can appear genuine and include consignment (tracking) numbers. However please remember that these numbers are not necessarily proof that the email has actually come from TNT.


How TNT Help to Avoid Internet Fraud

TNT is also working hard to help in avoiding internet fraud as we work closely with our customer services department, as well as our legal and security teams to tackle internet fraud. Whenever we encounter any issues we also work with government and international organisations such as the Office of Fair Trading to again deal with any problems our customers encounter.

For example, if one of our customers becomes a victim of fraud or suspects a fake email has been sent to them, we ask them to provide us with as much detail as they can to build their case. We then send this to our global security team who work to track down the company or person(s) responsible for creating and sending the email. This also involves TNT working with many of the main Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Microsoft and Yahoo.

So far we have managed to identify and take down over 1,500 fake websites and email providers, and we have seen several subsequent arrests being made. Furthermore, during this process TNT will directly inform any affected individuals with up-to-date information surrounding their case, as well as helping them liaise with the police if necessary.


Informing and Educating

Along with the above, TNT is also working to raise awareness of how to avoid internet fraud. We’ve put efforts into successfully informing and educating our staff regarding e-Crime. This has taken the form of:

  • Meetings between Global Security and Compliance and Customer Services
  • The publication of regular newsletters
  • The circulation of standard responses to customer enquires
  • Guides to assist Customer Services in the identification of and response to e-Crime incidents.

Contact TNT for more Information

As aforementioned, if you suspect any fraudulent activity or are concerned you have been a victim of internet fraud, contact our customer services immediately. Please forward your received email to We also advise you to report your case to your local police force.

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